Partnership for Preservation Fund

The purpose of this fund is to prevent Charlotte’s naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) stock from being purchased by
investors and converted to high-rent units that displace low-income families.

The Housing Partnership believes it is an utmost priority to acquire, preserve and stabilize these properties. We have created this fund, based on similar models in other cities, to allow social impact philanthropists to put their capital to work to save Charlotte’s affordable housing future and create strong communities. 

We thank you in advance for your 100% tax-deductible contribution to the Partnership for Preservation Fund. If you have additional questions about the Fund, you may contact our Senior Vice President for Outreach and Fund Development at 704.342.0933 x243. 

Give By Mail

Make your check payable to:

The Housing Partnership
Attn: Partnership for Preservation Fund
4601 Charlotte Park Drive
Suite 350
Charlotte, NC 28217