Once flattened by Charlotte’s urban renewal plan in the 1960s, Greenville had a rebirth in the 1970s with a scattering of single-family homes and some apartments.

Neighborhood Overview

Nestled among tall oak trees and a thriving neighborhood center, the Greenville community established an active neighborhood association and developed its own festival which attracts several hundred people each year.


Today, Greenville is landscaped with new trees, sidewalks and picket fences. Children play safely in front yards and know their neighbors. The award-winning Greenville marching band, under the direction of longtime Greenville resident “Pop” Sadler, has been successful in giving the neighborhood children a reason to stay out of trouble.

The Housing Partnership’s Involvement


The Housing Partnership bought land to build affordable houses for homeownership in the early 1990s. As a newly created organization, The Housing Partnership saw an opportunity to make a visible change in an up and coming community.


The Housing Partnership’s first single-family homeownership project was the construction of forty new houses on Polk Street and Wearn Court. The Housing Partnership broke ground for Phase I in 1990 with Bank of America (former Nations Bank) CDC as the developer and Crosland Construction as the builder. All forty homes were sold by 1992.


Being only 1.5 miles from the City Center, Greenville became The Housing Partnership’s easiest product to sell. Phase II, with The Housing Partnership as the developer and builder, was completed in 1993 and included seventeen houses built on Spratt and Johnson Streets. The Housing Partnership has also rehabbed and sold nineteen homes located throughout the older section of Greenville which were acquired through HUD foreclosures. In Phase III, The Housing Partnership built an additional eighteen homes.


The Housing Partnership’s commitment resulted in 93 new homeowners calling Greenville home. Greenville won several awards including Housing North Carolina Award for the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency and a meritorious award from the Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies.