Druid Hills

The Housing Partnership is currently implementing the Statesville Avenue Corridor Plan, which it co-developed with the City of Charlotte.

Neighborhood Overview

Implementation activities that have impacted the Druid Hills neighborhood have included:


  • Acquiring all the properties in the notorious crime-ridden Kohler Avenue as well as throughout the corridor area;
  • Renovating 47 rental units on Rachel, Olando, and Norris Avenues;
  • Building The Gables at Druid Hills Senior Apartments – a 63-unit, three-story development for active adults – using a combination of city innovative funds and tax credit financing ;
  • Working with the Parks & Recreation Department in acquiring land for a centrally located neighborhood park with a new tot lot already completed on a portion of the property;
  • Habitat for Humanity’s building of 24 new homes; and
  • The City’s completing major infrastructure work in the area.

The area plan takes into consideration several goals as the revitalization plan is implemented. These goals include:


  1. Make an immediate impact with visible results, including targeting and addressing many of the threatened areas first.
  2. Strengthen linkages to adjacent neighborhoods, within the Druid Hills neighborhood, to existing and potential recreation facilities, to services, and to existing and proposed transit.
  3. Help guide the locations of potential transit stations and plan long-term economic development and higher density development opportunities adjacent to the stations.
  4. Help create a sense of “ownership” throughout the community, including connecting roadways and minimizing the number of “dead ends.”
  5. Create a sense of physical order within neighborhoods.

A 48-unit multi-family apartment complex for families at or below 60% AMI is the next project planned.