Scattered Site Rentals

Over the years, The Housing Partnership often has had opportunities to acquire multi-family units in various revitalization communities.


Under its Scattered Site Rental program, The Housing Partnership rehabilitates rental units, then manages them internally. Many times these acquisitions are apart of a larger community revitalization plan, such as the case in the Druid Hills and Lakewood communities.


As part of the implementation of the Greater Statesville Avenue Corridor Plan, The Housing Partnership has been in the process of stabilizing the neighborhood through acquisitions and rehabilitation. The plan calls for units to be purchased and demolished, or in some cases rehabilitated to provide units needed for individuals relocated from other units. This has helped to stabilize the community, provide affordable rental units, and offered the city relocation opportunities.


Another example would be Belmont Springs Apartments. These units were originally developed in partnership with the Belmont CDC. The Housing Partnership now owns and manages these units as apart of its multi-family portfolio. These units serve the elderly and disabled population.


The Housing Partnership also has scattered site single-family rental homes in other targeted neighborhoods.