We believe in empowering our neighbors and communities.
We believe affordable housing leads to social and economic mobility.

Who We Are

The Housing Partnership is one of North Carolina’s leading affordable housing organizations, serving low- and moderate-income individuals, families and communities through real estate development, homeownership education and financing, and neighborhood revitalization. Since 1989, the nonprofit invested more than $322 million in multi- and single-family real estate across eight counties in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Additionally, it provided $23 million in mortgage loans and served more than 31,000 customers with homeownership education and counseling in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.

Our History

The Housing Partnership started more than thirty years ago with a seed of an idea and a selfless group of civic leaders focused on expanding affordable housing in Mecklenburg County.

We’ve grown into a private, nonprofit real estate development and finance corporation organized to create affordable and sustainable homes and offering education, down payment assistance and community outreach programs.

We build vibrant communities and help low-and moderate-income individuals and families more fully enter the economic mainstream.

Over 4,131 Homeowners Created

We work each day to deliver affordable housing solutions and neighborhoods for people in Mecklenburg County and beyond.

The Housing Partnership can help you have a home you love.

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