Homeownership Program

The Homeownership Center of Charlotte (HCC) is a service of The Housing Partnership.

HCC provides comprehensive services designed to empower consumers to make informed choices and decisions throughout the home buying process, followed by successful long-term homeownership. These services include a series of homeownership education classes, one-on-one advisory sessions, neighborhood empowerment, post-purchase classes and delinquency advisory sessions. HCC offers invaluable information that will help you clear up budget obstacles, save money and learn mortgage and home buying basics. HCC advisory and education services are also targeted to residents of multi-family communities where residents are in transition from rental housing to homeownership.

So let’s get started:


  1. Download and complete the Homeownership Enrollment Questionnaire and then drop it off at our office or mail it to us.
  2. (The questionnaire can be viewed and printed by clicking on the PDF icon on the right. You will need Acrobat® Reader to view the Questionnaire. If you do not have Acrobat® Reader, it can be downloaded for free by clicking on the Acrobat® Reader icon on the right.)
  3. HCC will obtain your credit report and analyze your readiness to purchase. Please allow seven to ten (7 to 10) business days for review of your questionnaire.
  4. Customers who appear ready to purchase within 18-24 months will be contacted by a certified Homeownership Advisor. Your own personal Advisor will set up an appointment with you to discuss credit, budgeting, and work with you to clear any obstacles to homeownership.
  5. Customers will attend an 8-hour Homebuyer Education Class taught by our Director of Homeownership Education.
  6. Once you and your Advisor determine that you are ready for homeownership, your Advisor will discuss our mortgage lending options with you with the assistance of the Vice President of Mortgage Services.
  7. If you have not already selected a lender that you would like to move forward with, HCC will refer you to one of our Lending Partners. Our goal is to make sure you get the best possible mortgage loan for YOU.


The Housing Partnership is now a member of North Carolina Housing Finance Agency’s Community Partners Loan Pool program.  This membership allows us to reserve CPLP 0% interest rate, deferred, 2nd Mortgage financing on your behalf.  Loan amount is up to 20% of the purchase price.  Borrowers’ total household income must be 80% or below Area Median Income (AMI).  Click the link below for income guidelines.  Homebuyer education is required, as well as one-on-one homeownership counseling.  Minimum 640 credit score.   Please contact us for more details – 704-342-0933 or email – CPLP@cmhp.org .

       CPLP Income Guidelines

*The Housing Partnership reserves the right to make changes to its loan programs and terms.